Betchaida D. Payot, Ph.D.




Educational Background

PhD (2009)
Kanazawa University, Japan

MS Geology (2006)
University of the Philippines

BS Geology (2002)
University of the Philippines

Research Interests

  Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

Selected Publications

Guotana, J.M.R., Payot, B.D., Dimalanta, C.B., Ramos, N.T., Faustino-Eslava, D.V., Queaño, K.L. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2017. Arc and backarc geochemical signatures of the proto-Philippine Sea Plate: Insights from the petrography and geochemistry of the Samar Ophiolite volcanic section. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 142, 77-92. doi:10.1016/j.jseaes.2016.07.031.

Guotana, J.M.R., Payot, B.D., Dimalanta, C.B., Ramos, N.T., Faustino-Eslava, D.V., Queaño, K.L. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2017. Petrological and geochemical characteristics of the Samar Ophiolite ultramafic section: implications on the origins of the ophiolites in Samar and Leyte islands, Philippines. International Geology Review. doi:

Pacle, N.A.D., Dimalanta, C.B., Ramos, N.T., Payot, B.D., Faustino-Eslava, D.V. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2017. Petrography and geochemistry of Cenozoic sedimentary sequences of the southern Samar Island, Philippines: Clues to the unroofing history of an ancient subduction zone. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 142, 3-19. doi:10.1016/j.jseaes.2016.07.030.

Yumul, G.P.Jr., Brown, W.W., Dimalanta, C.B., Ausa, C.A., Faustino-Eslava, D.V., Payot, B.D., Ramos, N.T., Lizada, A.N.L., Buena, A.E., Villaplaza, B.R.B., Manalo, P.C., Queaño, K.L., Guotana, J.M.R. and Pacle, N.A.D. 2017.  Adakitic rocks in the Masara gold-silver mine, Compostela Valley, Mindanao, Philippines: Different places, varying mechanisms? Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 142, 45-55. doi:10.1016/j.jseaes.2016.06.005.

Payot, B.D., Arai, S., Dick, H.J.B., Abe, N., Ichiyama, Y., 2014. Podiform chromitite formation in a low-Cr/high-Al system: An example from the Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR). Mineral. Petrol. 108, 533–549. doi:10.1007/s00710-013-0317-z

Payot, B. D., Jego, S., Maury, R. C., Polve, M., Gregoire, M., Ceuleneer, G., Tamayo, R. A., Yumul, G. P., Bellon, H. and Cotten, J. (2007), The oceanic substratum of Northern Luzon: Evidence from xenoliths within Monglo adakite (the Philippines). Island Arc, 16: 276–290. doi:10.1111/j.1440-1738.2007.00574.x

Other Information