The main focus of the museum is to serve as a teaching venue for earth science education in the Philippines.

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The Museum

The NIGS-UP Geology Alumni Association (UPGAA) Geology Museum is located within the center of excellence in geology in the premier national university of the country. The main focus of the museum is to serve as a teaching venue for earth science education in the Philippines. It is one of the few, if not the only, museum of its kind in the Philippines that presents a comprehensive display of types of minerals, rocks and fossils presented systematically. Other exhibits concentrate on Philippine fossil material such as the Stegodon and other vertebrate remains from 1-2 million year old rocks from nearby Antipolo, Rizal, and invertebrate fossils from several sites around the Philippines. Large rock and fossil specimens are exhibited for visitors to touch. A section is devoted to Applied Geology featuring dioramas of oil and geothermal production, an interactive display of Philippine ore deposits, faults and volcanoes, ore samples and computer interactive booths. Earth science videos are featured in a corner of this section. Hands on activity centers on fossils and plate tectonics are currently being constructed.

The museum also plans to serve as a venue to showcase the various researches of the Institute’s faculty and researchers and to promote geology and their research to a wider audience. Space has been allocated for changing exhibits to serve this purpose.

Since its official opening in October 2007, the museum has seen a steady stream of visitors from preschool to university age students and the curious general public.


The museum is open by appointment from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Expert geologist guides (undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty) can be requested for tour groups of any age. Admission fees are minimal and go directly to supporting the maintenance and future expansion of the museum and its programs.

For information on the NIGS-UPGAA Geology Museum, please contact the NIGS Admin Office

 +632 8924 2485

or the Museum Faculty-in-Charge, Dr. Alyssa Peleo-Alampay at

 +632 8924 2709