Engineering Geology Laboratory


The Engineering Geology Laboratory (EGL) is an academic group of the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS), which focuses on the application of geology to engineering practice. Its mission is to understand earth-structure interactions and investigate how the earth and earth processes impact human-made structures and human activities. The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk from geohazards.


 Sandra G. Catane, Ph.D.

In pursuing the EGL objectives, we train undergraduate and graduate students, publish articles in journals, collaborate with the academe and industry, organize local and international conferences and provide technical advice and support for the government, industry and community.


Current research projects include landslide assessment and mitigation, development of early warning systems for landslides, tephrochronological studies on active volcanoes, rock engineering for geomechanical classification of slopes, and geotechnical and mineralogical studies on urban soils.

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