Carla B. Dimalanta, D.Sc.




Educational Background

DSc in Earth and Planetary Sciences (2001)
University of Tokyo

MS in Geology (1992)
University of the Philippines

BS in Geology (1984)
University of the Philippines

Research Interests

Specialization: Exploration Geophysics (Gravity, Magnetics, Seismic Reflection, Electrical Resistivity/Induced Polarization, Ground Penetrating Radar)

Other research interests: Tectonics, Sedimentary Geochemistry, Geohazards

Selected Publications

Austria, R.S.P., Armada, L.T., Parcutela, N.E., Dimalanta, C.B., Payot, B.D., Valera, G.T.V., Reyes, E.M.L. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2023. The Macolod Corridor (Philippines) – A passive rift compensated by ponded magmas? Tectonophysics 862, Article 229965.

Jabagat, K.D., Gabo-Ratio, J.A., Lee, Y.-H., Soberano, O.B., Queaño, K.L., Andal, E.S., Yonezu, K.,   Dimalanta, C.B.  and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2023.  Multiple intrusions of barren and fertile magmas in a complex island arc system: Insights from the igneous rocks in the Suyoc area, Mankayan mineral district, Northern Luzon, Philippines. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 257, Article 105852.

Liu, H.Q., Li, J., Xu, Y.G., Yumul, G.P.Jr., Knittel, U.,  Dimalanta, C.B.,Payot, B.D., Queaño, K.L., Huang, X.L. and Zhang, L. 2023.  Heavy Mo isotope composition of northern Bataan adakites, Philippines: Evidence for fore-arc subduction erosion? Geology 51, 49-53.

Maglalang, E.J.M., Armada, L.T., Santos, M.C., Sayen, K.F.,  Dimalanta, C.B., Hsu, S.-K. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2023.  Bottom simulating reflectors in the Manila Trench forearc and its implications on the occurrence of gas hydrates in the region.  Marine and Petroleum Geology 158, Article 106538. 

Parcutela, N.E., Austria, R.S.,  Dimalanta, C.B., Valera, G.T.V., Gabo-Ratio, J.A.S., Payot, B.D., Armada, L.T., Sangalang, K.J.F. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2023. Enhanced arc magmatic productivity of the Western Pacific island arcs deduced from gravity-derived arc crustal growth rates. Frontiers in Earth Science 11, 156. doi:10.3389/feart.2023.1107833

Austria, R.S., Parcutela, N.E., Reyes, E.M.L., Armada, L.T.,  Dimalanta, C.B. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2022. Magnetic field characterization of Macolod Corridor (Luzon, Philippines): New perspectives on rifting in a volcanic arc setting. Tectonophysics 822, 229179. 

Casulla, M.A.A., Mizunaga, H., Tanaka, T. and  Dimalanta, C.B.  2022. Imaging crustal features and Moho depths through enhancements and inversion of gravity data from the Philippine island arc system.  Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 9, Article 16. (Open Access).

 Lumongsod, R.M.G., Ramos, N.T. and  Dimalanta, C.B. 2022. Mapping the karstification potential of central Cebu, Philippines using GIS. Environmental Earth Sciences 81, Article 449. 

Mendoza, R.B., Ramos, N. and  Dimalanta, C.B. 2022. High-resolution peak ground acceleration modeling using geographic information systems: A case study of the potentially active Central Cebu Fault System, Philippines.  Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X 7, 100097.

Parcutela, N.E., Austria, R.S.P.,  Dimalanta, C.B., Armada, L.T. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2022. Arc-crustal compression and its effects on the underlying mantle geometry as elucidated from the potential field signatures of the buckled Cretaceous Cebu lithosphere, Philippines. Tectonophysics 831, 229341. 

Parcutela, N.E.,  Dimalanta, C.B., Armada, L.T., Austria, R.S., Gabo-Ratio, J.A. and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2022.  Band processing of Landsat 8-OLI multi-spectral images as a tool for delineating alteration zones associated with porphyry prospects: A case from Suyoc, Benguet, Philippines. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1071, 012022. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/1071/1/012022.

Arellano, C.J.J., Armada, L.T.,  Dimalanta, C.B., Queaño, K.L., Andal, E.S., and Yumul, G.P.Jr. 2021. Interpretation of ground magnetic data in Suyoc, Mankayan Mineral District, Philippines. Resource Geology 71, 363-376. 

Chen, W.-H., Yan, Y., Carter, A., Huang, C.-Y., Yumul, G.P.Jr.,  Dimalanta, C.B., Gabo-Ratio, J.A., Wang, M.-H., Chen, D., Shan, Y., Zhang, X.-C., and Liu, W. 2021. Stratigraphy and provenance of the Paleogene syn-rift sediments in Central-Southern Palawan: Paleogeographic significance for the South China margin. Tectonics 40, e2021TC006753. 

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Other Information

Other positions

  • Head, Rushurgent Working Group (RWG)
  • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (Research), University of the Philippines System (June 2014-March 2023)
  • Faculty Advisor, Society of Economic Geologists- Philippine Student Chapter (2015-2020)
  • University Scientist III (2012-2023)
  • President, Geological Society of the Philippines (2019-2020)