Mario A. Aurelio, Ph.D.



Deputy Director for Research and Development (OIC)

Educational Background

PhD in Structural Geology and Tectonics (1992)
Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris, France

MS in Geodynamics of Oceans and Continents (1989)
Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris, France

BS Geology (1985)
University of the Philippines - Diliman

Research Interests

Structural geology, tectonics, earthquakes and other geologic hazards​, mineral and energy exploration and development

Selected Publications

Llamas, D.C.E., Marfito, B., Dela Cruz, R.. and Aurelio, M.A. (2023) – Surface Rupture and Fault Fault Characteristics Associated with the 2020 Magnitude (MW) 6.6 Masbate Earthquake, Masbate Island, Philippines. Tectonics, Preprint:

Marfito, B., Llamas, D.C. and Aurelio, M.A. (2022) - Geometry and Segmentation of the Philippine Fault in Surigao Strait. Frontiers in Earth Science, DOI: 10.3389/feart.2022.799803

Sarmiento,K.J.S., Aurelio, M.A., Flores,P.C., Carillo, A.D.V., Marfito, B., Abigania,M.I.T., Daag, A. and Siringan, F. (2022) – Seafloor Structures and Static Stress Changes Associated With Two Recent Earthquakes in Offshore Southern Batangas, Philippines Frontiers in Earth Science, DOI: 10.3389/feart.2021.801670

Balangue-Tarriela, M.I.R., Lagmay, A.M.F., Sarmiento, D.M., Vasquez, J., Badago, M.C., Ybanez, R., Ybanez, A.A., Trinidad, R., Thivet, S., Gurioli,L., Van Wyk de Vries, Aurelio, M.A., Rafael, D.J., Bermas, A. and Escudero, J.A. (2022) – Analysis of the 2020 Taal Volcano tephra fall deposits from crowdsourced information and field data. Bulletin of Volcanology, DOI: 10.1007/s00445-022-01534-y

Lagmay, A., Tarriela, R., Aurelio, M., Ybanez, R., Ybanez, A., Sulapas, J., . . . Rosell, N. (2021). Hazardous base surges of Taal’s 2020 eruption. Scientific Reports, 11 (15703).

Ybañez, R.,  Ybañez, A.A., Lagmay, A.M.F. and Aurelio, M.A. (2021) – Imaging ground surface deformations in post disaster settings via small UAVs. Geoscience Letters, DOI: 10.1186/s40562-021-00194-8

Yang,Y.H., Tsai, M.C., Hu, J.C., Chen,Q., Aurelio, M.A., Qian, X.,  Jiang, Z., Xu, L., Yag,C. and Li,L. (2021) – Assessment of the Seismic Hazards of the Marikina Valley Fault from 2019 Mw 6.1 Castillejos Earthquake and Historical Events.  Seismological Research Letters, DOI: 10.1785/0220200373

Rimando, J.M., Aurelio, M.A., Dianala, J.D.B., Taguibao,K.J.L., Agustin,K.M.C., Berador, A.E.G., Vasquez, A.A. (2019). Coseismic ground rupture of the October 15, 2013 Magnitude (MW) 7.2 Bohol Earthquake, Bohol Island, Central Philippines. Tectonics,

Pubellier, M., Aurelio, M.A. and Sautter, B. (2018). The life of a marginal basin depicted a structural map of the South China Sea. Epidsodes – Journal of International Geoscience, 41/3, 139-142, Online 18 June 2018,

Yang, Y-H., Tsai, M-C., Hu J-C., Aurelio, M.A., Hashimoto,M., Escudero, J.A.P., Su, Z. and Chen, Q. (2018). Coseismic slip deficit of he 2017 Mw 6.5 Ormoc Earthquake that occurred along a creeping segment and geothermal field of the Philippine Fault. Geophysical Research Letters, Online 15 Mar 2018,

Ilao, K.A., Morley, C. K., Aurelio, M.A. (2018). 3D seismic investigation of the structural and stratigraphic characteristics of the Pagasa Wedge, Southwest Palawan Basin, Philippines, and their tectonic implications. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 154, 213-237. Online 16 Dec 2017

Pubellier, M., Savva, D, Aurelio, M.,  Sapin, F. (2017). Structural Map of the South China Sea; scale 1:3M, Commission for the Geological Map of the World, doi:10.14682/2017STRUCTUSCS

Aurelio, M.A., Dianala, J.B.D., Taguibao, K.J.L., Pastoriza, L.R., Reyes,K., Sarande, R., and Lucero, A., Jr. (2017). Seismotectonics of the 6 February 2012 Mw 6.7 Negros Earthquake, central Philippines. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 142, 93-108.

Aurelio, M.A., Forbes, M.T., Taguibao, K.J.L., Savella, R.B., Bacud, J.A., Franke, D., Pubellier, M., Savva, D., Meresse, F., Steuer, S. and Carranza, C.D. (2014). Middle to Late Cenozoic tectonic events in south and central Palawan (Philippines) and their implications to the evolution of the south-eastern margin of South China Sea: Evidence from onshore structural and offshore seismic data. Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology.

Aurelio, M.A., Peña, R.E., Taguibao, K.J.L. (2013). Sculpting the Philippine archipelago since the Cretaceous through rifting, oceanic spreading, subduction, obduction, collision and strike-slip faulting: Contribution to IGMA5000. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 7, 102-107

Steuer, S., Franke, D., Meresse, F., Savva, D., Pubellier, M., Auxietre, J.-L., Aurelio, M., 2012 (2013). Time constraints on the evolution of Southern P 1 alawan Island, Philippines from onshore and offshore correlation of Miocene Limestones. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,Vol. 76, pp. 412 – 427.

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